Company overview

Mwose & Company Auctioneers (MCA) is an Auctioneering and Debt Collection firm that helps organizations and individuals recover debts, repossess, realize securities and sell by private treaty, while applying professionalism and industry best practices. We present our best services, so that you recover value for your money and engage us as long-term Partners.

Our services are mainly geared towards assisting the private sectors such as finance, banking, and legal fraternity to manage debt recovery, repossession, security realization and sell by private treaty efficiently and effectively.  This leaves our clients to spend their time and energy achieving their unique strategic goals.

While based in Nairobi Kenya, our jurisdiction covers Nairobi, Machakos, Kajiado for distress of rent and execution of court warrants, and we cover the whole republic in matters repossession, sell by private treaty, debt collection and security realization.

We pride ourselves in being open in our work process from instructions to delivery of our services. We also advise in due process and how to conduct business. Our inclusivity is our virtue.

Our Vision

  • To serve and become our clients’ first choice.

Our mission

  • To make the interests of our clients be the cornerstone upon which we deliver professional services and become be the preferred auctioneering service provider.

Our Objectives

  • At MCA we are not only focused on delivering reliable, high quality services but are also concerned about our clients’ ultimate goals and cost optimization. We strive to remain unbeatable in combining service and value in a dynamic performance cycle.

Our Values

Our culture is built on a foundation of 6 key values which shape how our team interacts with each other and our customers and drive our company forward.

  • PASSION: We love what we do.  We feel it.
  • SERVICE: We are here to serve. We serve our customers by understanding their business, anticipating and responding to their needs.
  • INTEGRITY: We demand of ourselves and each other the highest level of individual and corporate integrity; we do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.
  • EXCELLENCE: We continually challenge each other to improve our services, processes and ourselves.
  • TEAM WORK: We foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, open and proactive communication and delivery of results through collaboration.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We uphold the commitment we make and take personal responsibility for our action and result.
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